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I'll be happy to answer that question.

Plain and Simple -- ABS saved my life on at least two occasions. I live in NJ where there is more people per square mile than any State in the union. Ride an interstate, state highway, county road -- your choice, and you will see just about EVERYONE is either reading a text, typing a text, or talking on a cell phone, even in heavy traffic. There was one occasion, traffic in all 3 lanes was heavy and moving in excess of 60 MPH. The Driver in the right lane had a cell phone stuck in his ear and decided he wanted to occupy the same space as I was in. Without looking he pulls into my lane while my front wheel was even with his back door, and I had no choice but to brake with everything I had. ABS kept me upright while cages were swerving and braking all around me. Had I not had ABS and tried to brake like that, I would have locked the wheels and went down, most likely to be run over by one of the vehicles swerving in various directions. why I won't own or ride a motorcycle on the east coast without ABS!
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