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Had a friend buy a new (used) bike last year. He called me from the dealership and asked me if I thought it was a good deal. The bike was a 2014 level 2 (non-ABS). It was reasonably priced and was in great condition but it didn't have ABS. I told him I personally wouldn't buy another street bike without ABS and certainly not a 900 pound street bike but it was his money and the price for the non-ABS one was reasonable if he didn't want to hold out for an ABS one.

He bought the bike without ABS.

He laid it down on the way home from the dealership when he locked up the wheels trying to avoid a deer. He got pretty banged up and the bike had a ton of damage and he definitely spent any money he might have saved by buying the cheaper bike without ABS. Pretty hard and near instant lesson in his case.

ABS helps you stay in control and can save your life and probably will pay for itself by keeping you from crashing. ABS is totally worth it IMO.

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