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The heart of the article and the issue in this country is the disparity between safety regulatory agencies and law makers. The large US makers (HD and Indian) will continue to move forward and meet set standards for the models they export to other countries.

Ideology dictates that any/all regulations are bad, so not only will there be no legislation to make ABS mandatory, it's argued with moronic nonsense that there is "no proof" it saves lives, it's mandate will eliminate consumers freedom of choice, and that legislative mandate will somehow hurt business at all levels. Meanwhile 2/3 of the intelligent world and the 3/4's of the worlds motorcycles they produce have moved beyond ABS with traction control, pulsating brake lights and lighting to make motorcycles more visible. While other countries are agreeing on standards for such developments, the US is using ideology as a reason to not set standards for consumers or manufacturers. Stupid is as stupid does....yet the same morons banned small motorcycle imports until they buy more US beef. Meanwhile US consumers are still buying bikes with no ABS, no traction control, no linked brakes, incandescent brake lights that don't pulsate, and many with less than 2 inch incandescent turn signals. In addition, many states and rider organizations are now emphasizing that educating drivers is the new "best practice" towards better motorcycle safety. Only in 'Merica my friends.

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