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Originally Posted by SuperAirIan View Post
Maybe you mean't to say "...if I bleed/flush the CLUTCH..."? Not too sure how servicing the brakes would affect the clutch.

At any rate, I had the very same problem on a Yamaha Venture. It was odd because I'm sure I had serviced the fluid when I replaced the slave cylinder on it the year before. I eventually changed the DOT 3 hydraulic clutch fluid out for DOT 5.1 and that "fixed" the issue.
Thx, corrected that long day...

I have been using DOT 4 Synthetic fluid for may years in all of my vehicles. Never heard of using DOT 5.1. Just read up on the differences between dot 4 and dot 5.1... interesting.. Apparently, DOT 4 absorbs moisture faster than DOT 3 and thus needs to be changed sooner... Could that be contributing? Not sure, as my clutch only seems to improve for a week or so after changing the fluid, and its only a marginal improvement.

I also have Kuryakyn ISO grips on my bike. Obviously, thicker than stock grips... wonder if that could be contributing to having less room for travel when pulling in clutch lever? I bought a set of Show Chrome heated grips that I still need to install. Wonder if they are the same diameter or ????

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