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Question 2.

Installing the upper fork bushing and seal. In Fred's video he mentions Honda sells the proper tool, but uses a home made tool. Says to make sure and use wood or plastic and not metal, so we do not scratch the sliders. In the Traxxion front fork service tool kit there looks to be a large metal tool designed for driving on seals and bushings. This thing is hefty at a good 2-3 lbs or more. The ID looks to be the same as the diameter as the sliders and would slip down over the slider and drive bushing and seals quite nice.

The though is about that its metal not plastic or wood. I am wondering about proper usage of this tool. Make sure its clean and no dirt or stuff inside that could scratch things, maybe lube the inside with fork oil? What? I don't see from the video how to use its Fred didn't use it, and the Traxxion kit does not show. And I have not read the factory manual yet.

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