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#2. Yeah I saw that. I guess I was figuring that Traxxion sells the high end stuff and advertises the kits as being made from the best available parts. So I supposed that it should not be a problem. Thinking making sure there is no gunk, etc is a no brainer.

I guess I am wondering the pros and cons of sliding the driver over the seal and tapping on the driver with rubber mallet or sliding the driver up and down the fork tube using the hefty weight of that thing as the driving force. Seems like the tapping with the hammer kind of idea might not get it square, where sliding up and down would apply the force all around the seal and make it go straight. But then we are sliding the driver up and down the tube looks like potential scratching. But maybe I am over thinking it. Would Traxxion really sell a kit to customers and dealers that scratches the crap out of your fork sliders.

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