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I too bought the lightweight version and it is quite thin material with the armor built in. I have put in the drawer also due to the constricting feeling I have with this stretchy nylon hose feeling stuff against me. If I take a trip, I go with armored jean like pants and a good protective jacket. The soaker vest works pretty well in the dry climate but if is heat and humidity, if your aren't moving, it's going to be hot. I know my full mesh jacket idea has been trashed but in my daily commutes it works very well. On trips I use the Tourmaster 4 jacket.

Back to the original question, the Bohn is a great idea, but in practice it has it's drawbacks. Oh, I almost forgot, the first time I tried the pants on I put a small tear in the material trying to pull them up. Not saying it a bad product, just offering my observations.

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