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I have the service on multiple vehicles as well, really enjoy the weather and traffic on my motorcycle. As others have said, the service itself is pretty good (within the design limits of the specific vehicle with the Gold Wing being the worst of the three vehicles I have this on) but the customer service is awful and if your the kind of person that is going to re-negotiate pricing at each billing cycle like I am it can be frustrating.

Several things I have learned that may be helpful. Insist on paying by check so they cannot simply hit your credit card again with higher fees. If I threaten to quit they always cut me a deal. I have reached the point that I tell them that if they will match the previous years deal I will stay with them. They have never said no.

The other thing is sometimes you get someone on the line that just doesn't get it due to the language or cultural barriers between the US and India. When that happens stop the person from talking and simply say you want to speak with a US calling center. After about a 2 minute hold you will be talking with someone that you can understand and deal with easier. Their "US Calling Center" is actually in Nova Scotia but I always find them to be helpful and courteous. The direct number to that service center is 866-635-2349.

Hope this helps.


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