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I find it difficult to shop for pants on line.

I rather go to a store, lOOk at the pants, and try them on for size.

I recommend cyclegear stores. They are all over the place. Sure their stuff is cheap, but hey! its just clothing to ride a bike not to attend a gala.

I went to the Revzilla store in PA but their stock is limited; mostly high-end and a lot of crouchrocketeer stuff.

Don't even bother to visit Motorcycle Superstore in Medford OR. I went out of my way 100 miles to find it it ain't there anymore. Gone on line.

If you want really expensive but good stuff, BMW stores are for you

Aerostich in Duluth is said to be good, though I never been there...yet.

The dilemma with Summer pants is that on at least some occasions, your mornings can be quite chilly (particularly if you are around the Coast or in high altitudes). At that point, mesh pants are not.

I have mesh pants, but I can cover them up with a rain pant and/or an inner liner to handle chilly Summer mornings. You 'll only need to handle about 40deg at most.

If it gets colder than that, I assume I forgot to get back home before the Summer ended.

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