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I was going to but ended up finding a used bike that was like new. It will save you a some money if the dealer normally will not take off the shipping and set up. I was looking at a Kawasaki KLR 650. You sign up and they tell you the closest dealer that is part of the program. I went to that dealer and the deal was they took off the shipping and dealer set up. They also took off $200 from MSRP. I tried to talk them down more, but the dealer would not budge. Granted, this is not a high profit bike. I tried the line of the freight and set up are just dealer tack on and that they get the shipping back from the manufacture after the sale. They still would not budge. I did see the dealer cost when the sales person was not looking and they were making $400.00 on the sale after the Costco discount. That is why they would not budge on the price.

I ended up finding a 5 year old bike in the color I liked with only 300 miles on it. With the money I saved over a new one, I was able to put the extras on that I wanted and still came out money ahead.

I tried the same thing when I bought my truck and camper. The only problem there was the dealer did not have the truck or camper I wanted in stock and they would not go to another dealer to get one.

It is a good program and I check into it when ever I am looking at a big purchase like this. All three dealers I worked with were very helpful and they did not pressure me at all.

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