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Throttle cable

I have a 2002 gl1800 and have adjusted to throttle cable to get the delay out of the cruise control. It took a lot of adjustment to get the slack out of the cable and have the cruise where there is very little lag between engaging the cruise. However, I have noticed that there is still a lot of slack in the throttle at the grip and this makes the bike hard to manage at parking lot speed and causes jerky operation of the bike at slow speeds. I don't know how much adjustment is left but do know that I adjusted the cable link quite a ways out. Do I just need to replace the cable or is there another adjustment that I am missing.

Thanks for your help.

Dan Forker
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throttle cable

You have to adjust the slack for the throttle on the right handle bar. The cruise adjustment is under the shelter . Should take about 3 turns to get the slack out.
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The throttle free play is removed by adjusting at the handlebar for small adjustments and it has nothing to do with the cruise. To adjust the cruise cable search this board to find the correct way to adjust the cruise.

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So what's the recommended way to adjust the handlebar adjustment. I adjusted it tonight after seeing the replies by adjusting the slack out until I was causing the idle speed to increas and then backed it off 1/2 turn. I checked to be sure that there was no increase in idle speed lock to lock on the bars and then tightened the lock nut. What do you think? Is that the best way to adjust the slack?

Dan Forker
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The adjuster at the throttle is for minor adjustments. For major adjustments, the adjuster is on the LF outer frame rail about 3" above the upper front corner of the left radiator.

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Dan, not sure how much you have ridden but the Wing is not a bike you can control without some finesse of the throttle/clutch management. The best way to get a handle on this is parking lot practice (PLP). The engine has too much response (i.e. power) to achieve smoothness at low speeds. I have not heard of anyone having to replace a throttle cable on the 1800. When you get the bike moving you can go to third gear and never have to touch the throttle. This is a good way to get your handling of slow turns down pat and get a feel for the bikes slow speed capabilities. hth
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On the 02 the main adjustment is on the throttle cable and is routed to the right side of the bike right under the meter panel. Remove the meter panel and you will find an adjustment , I think 10 mm and 8 mm, for the adjuster. Might be 10 and 12 mm, cannot remember.

Take the most of it out there and then fine tune it with the bar adjustment.

You want a little bit of play, maybe 1/8 inch and also turn the bars lock to lock and make sure the throttle does not increase as you do so.

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I am not sure why this sequence works for me, but I enjoy one of the best functioning cruise controls on a GL18 IF reports on this board are accurate. I adjust the throttle play to its minimum BEFORE taking the slack out of the cruise cable. I set the cruise cable by its little "bomb sight" and not by turning out the turn buckle by several guesstimate turns. All of that may be folly, I dunno for sure; but I have no lag, I have discernible overshoot or undershoot. Freedon of undershoot seems to be rare on these bikes.

I suggest accessing the main or major throttle adjuster simply by sitting down at the front of the bike and reaching back through the LEFT hand "tunnel". It resides just behind the left fork. The access is easy, plus there is opportunity to make sure this section of cable is not kinked. It is very subject to kinking here and several of us have saved or extended the life of said cable by providing an extra stay to keep its bend more gentle.

To adjust the major adjuster; FIRST thread the minor adjuster all the way in THEN take up the slack with the major adjsuter. You want just enough free plat to assure that stop to stop handlebar motion does not raise idle. A sloppy throttle adjustment definitely does make slow manuevers more difficult or clumbsy.


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You guys are all lot's of help and I really appreciate that. One thing that I have discovered is that the major adjuster must have changed location from the earlier models to the later. My 1800 is an '02 model and there is no adjuster behind the left fork nor below that instrument panel as described in some of the replies. Any one know where it is located on an '02 and how much tupperware needs to be removed to get to it?

Dan Forker
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I am sorry, I do not have half a brain sometimes. The adjustment at the meter panel and across the steering head is a place you can adjust the cruise if you wish.

The actual throttle lays as seen in the photos. First photo is what you are after.

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