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gl1800 whine and oil viscosity

..couple of days ago, the weather was in the high '60's, low '70's and I
noticed the enginewhine was really less noticeable

..few days before that, when the temp. was in the higher '70s and
'80's, the engine whine, as with today, was more, more noticeable

..don't think this is my imagination as my wife mentioined that I've
said this before

..anyone out with a "whine irritation,. decide to change to say,
15W50 grade as it seems the thicker the oil, as with colder temperature,
the less engiine whine.....if so, was there a difference

...if you look at Honda's recommended oil viscosity chart, it shows for
temperatures from:

- 10 to 90 degrees F to use 10w30
- 10 to over 100 F to use 10w40.
- 25 to over 100 F, to use either 15W40 or 15W50
- 30 to over 100 F, to use either 20W40 or 20W50 is also fine seems that for temperatures that range from 25 F to 80 and over,
the usual warmer summer weather here, that 15W50 would be the i
deal oil grade the oil remains somewhat "thicker" in the colder weather and I hear
less engine whine, it seems the 15W50 in the warmer temp's would give
the same benefit?

...anyone out there with a somewhat "engine whine" irritation that has
tried switching to a higher oil grade as 15W50 and if so, what difference
was there, if any?



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Re: gl1800 whine and oil viscosity

I use 15/50 in my 06 for the past year. Mine whines in 5th gear. It quieted it down some but not all the way. BTW those temps you have there we only see in the winter down here.

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Re: gl1800 whine and oil viscosity

All 1800's whine due to the chains rather than the 1500's that used belts. Just the nature of the beast.

I just turn my radio up louder and never notice the whine!

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Re: gl1800 whine and oil viscosity

The whine you are hearing is probably from the tranny due to straight cut gears (spur gears). They all do it. Heavier viscosity oil or cold oil will muffle it. There is also some whine from the alternator especially if it is under load. Cam chains to not whine.

Harley trannys whine just can't hear it over all the other racket.
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Re: gl1800 whine and oil viscosity

I'm running 15W40 Rotella T and mine whines just like it always has. I had a 1300 VTX and it had its sounds and quirks so the whining in the GL1800 doesn't bother me any. Then again I don't hear worth a crap anymore.


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Re: gl1800 whine and oil viscosity

Just quit whining and ride!

I use Mobile 1 15w50 and Advance auto parts ran a mobile 1 special a few months ago - 5 qts whatever syn you wanted (except bike) and a Mobil 1 filter for $26. I bought 4 specials and a WalMart SuperTech ST7317. I have five oil changes on the shelf for a little over $100 (hey, it ain't gonna get any cheaper!). Set for life I think since I change at about 13K or more with the extended perf Mobil.

I use Mobile 1 in all my cars, trucks, lawn mowers, quads. 15W50 and I live in Ohio. Yes, this quad has 15w50 in it...

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Re: gl1800 whine and oil viscosity

....just spoke with a local Honda parts person about the 15 or 20w50 oil,
and he said that he knows of several 1800 riders who are using Golden Spectro
semi-syn/petroleum 20w50

...the reasons given were 1) as the oil remains thicker, they've found
the shifting is smoother and quieter and, 2) as the oil is thicker than the
10/40, the engine runs cooler and the whine is quieter

....comments or is there anyone using this oil?


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Re: gl1800 whine and oil viscosity

I am runnibg Amsoil 20W-50 during the summer months here in GA for the same reason. I do notice smoother shifts and a bit less noise over the Amsoil 10W-40 which I use the rest of the year.


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