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Man this place is deader than a hammer. Me and Doug can only tell so many lies. Well..........Doug's stories are endless. Come on boys and girls. Let's rock this place. Somebody is bound to have some stories. We don't care if they are true or not. And we can argue about anything. Hey, how bout an oil thread? That's new!!
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OK, here goes.
If you're in Canada or subscribe to Cycle Canada, check out the newest May 2017 issue.
I wrote an article and it was published in the First Person column of this issue.
It's all about how and why I acquired my F6B.
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I tried to start something the other day about the darkside, no one bit. I have something going about insurance and lawyers...I'm doing my part.

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I don't have an F6B, so if I buy one what's the best oil?

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Never, Never, Never

Originally Posted by Shooter F6B View Post
Man this place is deader than a hammer. Me and Doug can only tell so many lies. Well..........Doug's stories are endless. Come on boys and girls. Let's rock this place. Somebody is bound to have some stories. We don't care if they are true or not. And we can argue about anything. Hey, how bout an oil thread? That's new!!

Let the truth get in the way of a good story! That's just rule of thumb on that issue.
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Originally Posted by flat6bagger View Post
Here is a story for you...I am looking into crossing over to the other "H" motorcycle.
Those guys are more fun.
I can only take so many stories about old guys going on RTEs to Dairy Queens.

The only change you'll see is that those old guys wear more leather and have RTEs to bars instead.

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Boy! your not wrong there

Originally Posted by CatatonicBug View Post
The only change you'll see is that those old guys wear more leather and have RTEs to bars instead.

I have a buddy with a Harley and that motorcycle can't get past a bar! Must be a bar sensor in the front forks and when it senses booze it just turns toward the smell. My Honda blows right by them with no trouble at all.
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I am here to tell you...I am going to change that stereo type if I cross over.
I tried my best to change the Dairy Queen stereo type for Goldwingers when I bought the F6B,but alas I have to admit defeat.

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I am directing my comments about the whole board in general, not just the F6B forum.

Those of you who were a member of Riders Rally should recognize this downward spiral very well. Riders Rally, the first and for a while the biggest GL1800 related board, has gone to it's end and this board is following the very same pathway. When posters stop posting and then the sponsors start wondering why they are even sponsoring a dead board then the board most likely will fail as Riders Rally did. It has already begun the process. Just 2-3 years ago whenever opening the board by signing in I used to see 2-4 pages of new it is fairly common to see maybe just 15-20 new posts.

So what is the problem here? I'll offer an opinion....after all this is a board full of opinions amongst other things. Facebook is killing this board. There are so many people now using Facebook to find out the information they would at one time come here to seek answers for their questions. Many groups have sprung up all with different names. One group on Facebook that I actually have seen was called GL1800Riders.....that name seems to ring a bell doesn't it. Why have some many left this board and now post regularly on the Facebook board offerings. I have been a member of several of these groups in the past and have seen many of the same screen names that used to pop up here on a regular basis. Whether they are now gone from here and only post on those other boards I wouldn't know as I quit everyone of those boards over a year ago and now just come here for answers and entertainment.....and not a lot of entertainment here lately. I know Rail will say to this point that a forum is what you make it and point to the happy group over on the Wisconsin forum. He has a point there with his State group. They all get along great and seem to enjoy the banter and jabbing back and forth.

Now to another point that may land me in the dog house and if it does so be's my opinion right. @Rail32; @ Mod2 (WingWing); @Ironhorse1800; @Admin You all do a great job of maintaining this board and we all see the results....very few knock down arguments happening and I think we all enjoy the feeling that we are not going to be flamed everytime we sign in and offer up an opinion or view. I have enough disagreements daily with the wife and come here to this board to retreat from all that. Former members of Riders Rally will remember Brian F. and then his successor Hightower (or something like that). They ran the board very well and with a very tight fist and frequently let that fist drop whenever they felt a poster needed censorship and/or encouragement to conform to their views of being orderly in their comments. They had a lot of zero tolerance for a number of different views. I have to say I have seen that same thing at times from Rail. Political talk, Church talk, dark colored joking (not talking racial here) are censored here with a vengeance. Doesn't anyone here think they would enjoy posting somewhat in the same manner as they would talk whenever sitting around with family and/or friends. Vulgar swearing is not what I'm saying here. Just the ability to post as we would talk would be my opinion. Don't be mistaken by what I just posted. Everyone who signs in should feel like they are entering a discussion board, not a court room where they may be the next person sent to the big house never to return or be heard from again. I seem to remember back in the early days of this board that it seemed at times a lot too rowdy and so I usually would just offer my opinions on Riders Rally. At times it seemed like you were signing in to a wild west saloon scene and you never knew when everything would come apart at the seams. I'm not advocating a return to that at all.

All of you mods and the Admin would do well to go to and just view that board as a guest even. See the huge number of different forums that posters can jump into and post in. They have a free style Forum list over there that allows people to post more without running the risk of being censored or banned entirely. Bad jokes, good jokes, political discussions are popular and remain only in the forums that pertain to the subject. Perhaps by seeing the many different Forums some of them could be incorporated into this "gl1800riders" board. We are not all school kids out here that need to be controlled. We are adults with any number of opinions , but within the rules of this board we are refused and encouraged not to post those opinions. Who amongst us can say that this Nation's last Presidential race was not one of the most talked about in our lifetimes....yet by board rules not a single mention could be made about it. Believe it or not that Presidential race affected all of our lives much more than this board can ever hope to do. Make some different Forums....Political would be a good first one. Anyone who enters would know what should and could be discussed within the confines of that Forum. We are adults start treating us as such. If Admin chooses to not try anything to make this board survive, then it will follow the path of Riders Rally....with the exception of the Wisconsin state forum, which would just start their own little Internet board. Just last week there was a discussion about adding several different subsections to the For Sale Forum. There were some interesting and valid points made. Nothing changed . Why I might ask? Seems the Admin can't or won't make changes that may help this board survive instead of becoming another Internet memory. Again I'll ask why.....add some different Forums and let us members have some freedom to offer opinions in them.

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you bring up a lot of good points.
Facebook has groups of every type.
I am guilty of belonging to several.
I have to admit,I honestly think about leaving this forum almost daily.
This forum has become rather boring.
One day I am sure I will just not sign in and that will be that.

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